January 12, 2023

Happy New Year!!!

I've launched a Discord server, which will allow our online community to expand much more smoothly, and will be a lot more fun to interact with. The GroupMe group we originally had worked great when there were <100 players. But we've exploded beyond 350 players, and having a single chat thread on there is simply insufficient. I hope you'll come join us! Click here to learn more.

november 17, 2022

This week DUPR announced that they are now the official rating system for, which is the newly created site that consolidates the older and I believe this is a great thing! I've long been a big supporter of DURP and their algorithm. I believe this is a significant step towards ensuring that tournament brackets are filled with similarly skilled players.

So what does this mean for you? If you only play recreationally, nothing. :) If you play tournaments, there are a couple things.

First, tournament registrations on will soon use your DUPR to place you in the proper bracket. I'd be willing to bet that over 90% of tournament registrations go through this site today. The good news here is that you can keep your DUPR accurate and up-to-date even in small local round robin events or rec play, so that when you play a tournament you're placed in a bracket that reflects your current skill, not your skill the last time you played a tournament (maybe many months ago).

Second, sanctioned tournaments will continue to use your UTPR, which is maintained by USA Pickleball. I hope that they will fix that broken system soon, but until then, just be aware that you will still have a UTPR in addition to your DUPR. I expect that will reflect both of these numbers, as PT has done for years.

August 9, 2022

We've now run a couple of round robin events using DUPR, and are really enjoying the format. If you're at all interested in playing in future round robins with us, please take a look at this page and join our free "club" so you'll be able to play with us.

August 2, 2022

Resurfacing has begun at EE Robinson Park. When they're done, we'll have 6 individually fenced courts, just like Rhodes Jordan park. The fenced area is a bit smaller than at RJ, so they will be adding a waiting area to the outside of the existing courts. But don't worry, there is plenty of space for 6 courts, and the extra courts will really help meet the high demand for courts in that area.

May 2022

The courts at Rhodes Jordan are OPEN! We have enjoyed playing here several times, and have even moved our league from EE Robinson over here to take advantage of the nice new courts.

April 20, 2022

The courts at Rhodes Jordan park are well under way!!!! The post holes are in for the nets and fences. The surface coatings are on-site, and I expect that the courts will be done by the end of the month, or in very early May! We'll have 6 more courts in Gwinnett very soon. Wow!!!

April 4, 2022

Gwinnett Courts Update

Gwinnett P&R still says they are still trying to resurface the courts at Rhodes Jordan and EER by the end of April, but they haven't started, so while I remain hopeful, I'm not going to schedule any tournaments just yet. haha

Ambassador Retreat

Nearly 60 USA Pickleball Ambassadors from around GA spent 3 days in Macon last weekend working hard to grow the game in Georgia...and of course playing some pickleball. :D Four out of your five Gwinnett Ambassadors were able to attend; Brian, Wally, Liz, and Darryl. Hopefully we can put some of the info we learned to good use here!

Macon Indoor Courts

The city of Macon has purchased their vastly-underutilized mall (via tax credits) and is going to put in some government offices, and more importantly...32 indoor courts!!! 16 on each of 2 floors, with locker rooms (including showers), a spectacular tournament desk (former customer service counter), excellent spectator access. Looks amazing!!!

January 25, 2022

A few recent items worth noting:

  • The courts at EE Robinson will be resurfaced this spring sometime; date TBD. Gwinnett Parks & Rec has agreed to update the facility to have 6 individually fenced courts. This all fits perfectly in the currently fenced area. Each court will have fences 8' from the court on all sides, which is rather sufficient for playing, and keeps balls from adjacent courts from interfering with your game.

  • Rhodes Jordan Park, in Lawrenceville, will be replacing 2 tennis courts with 6 pickleball courts. The plan is to also individually fence those, like EER. This should happen in the spring, but data is TBD.

  • The ladder league is going gangbusters and we're utilizing all 4 courts on Sunday afternoons (averaging 16-20 players). I'm looking forward to having 2 more courts so we can include 10 more players! We hope you'll come join us.

  • Open Play on Tuesday nights continues to grow. This week we had close to 30 at EER and 24+ at the E Center on the same chilly night. These new courts can't get here soon enough!