DUPR Flex Leagues

We're going to do flex leagues better than you've ever seen before; read on to see how!

How is a flex league different from a regular league? I’m glad you asked! In traditional leagues, everyone shows up to the same place at the same time to play each week. But in a flex league, you have the “flexibility“ play when and where do you want to. And because the groups are a little smaller than in traditional leagues, you should have opponents who are more closely matched to your skill level.  So if you love the idea of playing in a league, but worry about time commitments or finding a league of appropriate skill, this is the league for you!!!

You register for the doubles flex leagues with a partner (I’m offering men’s, women’s, and mixed), and will play at least 4 other teams over 4 weeks, with playoffs the 5th week. There is a singles bracket (unisex), too.

Let's get started

Our first flex legues will start the week of June 12th.  Registration is now open!

Here's a link to our DUPR Flex League Club. Note that you'll need to have an account setup in DUPR in order to access the site. DUPR accounts are free, so if you don't have one, go ahead and create one so you can get started.

Once you're on the club page, click on the Events menu, choose the current league, and register.

Click here for more information from DUPR about the flex leagues and the pathway they provide to their Waterfall events.

How are GPC flex leagues special?

I’ve noticed some deficiencies in other flex leagues to date, and here’s how I’m planning to make sure that our flex leagues are better!

Location - Sometimes people have a hard time getting their opponents to come to a reasonable location. I’m solving that by getting agreement up front to play all matches at either EE Robinson or Rhodes Jordan. You can play elsewhere if your opponent that week agrees, but if there is any dispute, the default is EER or RJ. 

Big Picture - The individual league events aren’t run in isolation. The winners of each bracket will be invited to play in our semi-annual DUPR Invitational! This will give you the opportunity to face off with other winners in a bigger event. 

Support - If you’re having trouble with the software or scheduling, I’m here to help. No faceless tech support email address! Y’all know I’m here for you and want you to have a great experience.  

Accountability - A universal complaint from other flex leagues is that players are non-responsive when trying to schedule matches. Our league will focus on building our community, and we will hold each other accountable. If a player is found to be no -responsive or otherwise challenging to schedule matches with, I'll reach out to them to see what's up, but unless the situation is resolved, the players will not be allowed to participate in future flex leagues. Hopefully we won't have that problem. :) 

Cost - This is the lowest cost flex league around. At $25, you're looking at $5/wk (per match). You won't find a lower cost tournament or league out there, and this one comes with my commitment to make it the best league experience out there.

Format & rules

Opponent Contact Info

To see the contact info for your opponents, you'll need to:

At this point you should see your opponents names and contact info listed.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know at info@gwinnettpickleball.org