Tournaments are an exciting way to play pickleball. While much of the time we play recreationally in casual "open play", many players also enjoy the more competitive environment of tournaments. Below are links to some of the most popular sites for advertising & registration of tournaments.

Gwinnett Pickleball Club

We almost exclusively use Pickleball Den to run our competitive events. Click here to see our club on Pickleball Den, or click here to read more about how and why to join.

PT is the USA Pickleball partner for tournament registration, and is currently the most popular platform for event registration and tournament scoring.

Click here for a list of upcoming tournaments in GA. From there you can search for tournaments in other areas, too.

Pickleball Brackets

The second most popular site for tournament registrations in GA is Pickleball Brackets. Click here, then search for tournaments in your area.

Global pickleball network

GPN is a great site to host tournaments on!  For reasons I'm not quite sure of, it's not yet as popular as the two above. But the site is free to use, and I've had good luck running round robins with it.  Click here to learn more.