Bracket Formats

With the goal of providing players with a good amount of play, our tournaments always start with a round robin. Depending on the bracket size, there may or may not be playoffs.

1-3 Teams

With a very small number of teams, you may be rolled-into a larger pool (with higher or lower skilled players) for the round robin.  Placement would be based only on matches played against others in your bracket.

4-6 Teams

We'll begin with a round robin, and then go into playoffs. Seeds 1&2 play for gold/silver, while seeds 3&4 play for bronze (2/3 to 11 by 2).

7-8 Teams

You'll play a single round robin, with no playoffs. This means you'll play 7 games; one against each other team. 

9-13 Teams

Teams will be randomly split into 2 pools.  You'll play a round robin within your pool, then the top two from each pool will enter semifinals (1 game to 15 by 22) & finals (2/3 games to 11 by 2).

14-16 Teams

Tournament management will do their best to split the teams into two pools based on skill, then each pool will proceed as with the 7-8 team bracket listed above.