Beyond GroupMe

Hey, y'all!  I wanted to let you know that I've created a Discord server for Gwinnett Pickleball.  What's a Discord server, you ask?  It's like a bunch of chat rooms all tied together, but with the ability to focus your attention only on the things that matter to you.

WHY?  Right now we have a whole bunch of individual groups of players in Gwinnett, and we're using a bunch of different tools to communicate. Some just use group texting, but many use GroupMe, which can indeed be a good option.  The problem is that pickleball is exploding, and our groups are growing so fast that the GroupMe structure just doesn't handle it well for 2 primary reasons

A Discord server allows us to have separate "channels" to talk about different topics, but all of the players who are on our server will be able to see all of the chats, if they want to.* By default, Discord will only notify you when you are @mentioned, so you can brows through new posts at your leisure, or ignore some channels altogether.  Individual users can change the notification preferences for the whole server, or for individual channels.

Key Features: Discord does a lot, but these are some of the key features that I think you'll really love.

So don't delay!!! Click here to join our Discord server.

*Okay, so we do have the ability to create chats that are only visible to certain users. I would expect that we won't do this much. But maybe an example would be a channel to discuss the upcoming Club Wars, and your team needs a way to chat.  Yea, you could create a new GroupMe but adding a new channel on Discord is nicer. Remember the part about voice and video? Yea, it'll be nice.

What about the other apps?