Solo Players

We frequently have players who are looking for competitive play, but they don't have a partner to sing-up with.   Here are a few options for folks in that position.

Open Play

One of the best parts about pickleball is our culture of "open play", where the courts are open to everyone, and we just rotate partners and play with whoever shows up.  These events are open to players of ALL skill levels. Sometimes there are courts set aside for higher skill levels, but there is always room for new players.  It's not a class, so you'll need to have some sense of the rules, and should have some very basic skills down (e.g. be able to serve and return a ball) before joining open play, but there's no need to be a semi-pro. ;) 

Click here for more info on local open play options.

Ladder Leagues

Gwinnett Pickleball Club runs ladder leagues, which are played as an individual. We have ladders that are open to basically all levels of players. We simply ask that players have enough experience with the game to know the rules and be able to serve/return and carry out a rally of several shots. Players who are still at the stage of "just getting the ball back over the net" are encouraged to come join us for Open Play until they're ready for a bit more competition.

Click here for more info on the ladder leagues.