Pickleball Den Help

Pickleball Den is a very user-friendly site, and I think you'll find yourself very comfortable with it in short order. But here are few key points to help you along.

Signup Sheets

To signup for an event, simply go to the Den Home screen and tap the "Sign-up Sheets" link in the GPC area. The sheets are labeled by which park and what date & time they occur. Simply find the even you'd like to attend, and tap the little gray box next to the day. The box will fill-in with a check mark.

To remove yourself from a sheet, simply un-check the box.

PLEASE NOTE that sign-up sheets typically close 3 hours before the event. We do this to ensure that people on the wait-list would have time to react if you drop-out and they get promoted on the list. If you're not very certain you can be at the event on-time, and if there is someone on the wait list, then please remove yourself from the event before the 3 hour mark.


For most players, receive email notifications is probably best.  I promise not to spam you through Den, but sometimes I do message through Den, and if you want to stay in the loop, you need to have some way to get these messages. 

If you really don't want to get emails, you can recieve in-app notifications, but unless you spend a good bit of time in the app to notice something on your timeline, please also enable text messages.

Self Rating

For some events, it's important for other players to be able to see your rating.  Until Den starts showing your DUPR, we have to rely on self-ratings. Please take a moment every now and again to update your self-rating.   It doesn't have to be super accurate; maybe rounded to the nearest 0.25.