Pickleball Den Notifications

Are you not receiving notifications from Pickleball Den?  You're not getting notified when new signup sheets are published, and you're not getting messages that the event organizer tries to send out.  This is a problem, because you're going to miss key information this way. So if you choose to use Den at all, please consider enabling email notifications. 

First go to the Den home screen and select "account".

Now scroll down till you see Notifications.  You want to select "send to my Email account". This refers to how you receive the items checked below, the most important being "I want to receive club Emails".  Without sending club emails to your email account, you're likely going to miss some things.

If you really prefer texts messages to emails, you can choose "In-App Notifications", but then it's critical that you also check "Text me when I receive a new in-app notification".  Without this, Den will "notify you, but this isn't a push notificaiton that'll pop-up on your phone like an IG notification; it means that you would be notified if you were looking at the Den webpage, which people tend not to do except when in the middle of a ladder. 

So please consider sending notifications to your email, and checking the "receive club Emails" box.  This will help keep you in the loop. :)